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Arcscale provides a comprehensive set of technology products and services that balance price with performance to help our clients maximize efficiencies and drive increased value from their infrastructure investments.

Through a combination of colocation, telecommunications and infrastructure products and services, Arcscale is uniquely positioned to take a holistic view of each client's environment. This allows Arcscale to gain a more through understanding of your needs and provide more effective solutions than other vendors and integrators. A complete understanding of the network allows us to apply a mix of leading and emerging technologies to lower your operational costs while improving performance – our goal is to increase your infrastructure efficiencies and improve scalability.

Arcscale employs a service methodology to ensure top results for every customer experience. Our services begin with an ASSESSMENT of your business and technology needs which allows us to create the most effective solution for your environment. Next, we begin an iterative process to DESIGN a solution that best meets your requirements. Third, we validate the design, plan the implementation and IMPLEMENT the solution. Our fourth step is to MANAGE the solution from an ownership perspective to drive continued value. By following this process, we are able to provide results that lead to lasting customer relationships and solid, highly available and scalable customer environments.