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With corporate headquarters at our primary colocation facility in the heart of Silicon Valley, we offer Tier 1 carrier services, hosting and colocation space available by the rack, cage and beyond.

  • Diverse fiber entrances
  • Availability of both AC and DC power feeds
  • Redundant battery backups
  • Backup 1,750 KW diesel generator with 3,000 gallon reserve
  • Inergen, dry pipe, pre-action fire suppression system (7 zones)
  • Silicon Valley Power (non-PG&E = cost savings)
  • Customer WAN circuits: DS-1, DS-3 and OC circuits
  • BGP IP with multiple Tier 1 ISP's
  • Single mode and multi-mode fiber
  • Existing redundant fiber transit to Palo Alto Internet Exchange (PAIX)
  • Cooling capability: N+1
  • High power density as well as customized power configurations
  • Customized cabinet and cage configurations